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Stjepan Štajduhar

Designing things on the internet since 2004

Product designer and a psychologist, striving to evoke joy, comfort, and confidence by making the complex feel simple.

I started designing things on the internet some 16-17 years ago. Over the years I had the privilege to meet people from all over the world and work with them on projects in various industries.

I design to help people do their job with a sense of calm. I try to anticipate their struggle, identify the right problems, and solve them well. My goal is to design a "home", not a "house".

My email is stjepan@hey.com if you want to have a chat — I am always interested in meeting new people.


2020 - now

Designer + owner

Jolly Good Design

I run a tiny product design shop — so tiny it's just me here. Oddly enough, I am big and tall.

2013 - now

Product Design Manager


I am leading design for a property management system used in hotels around the world.

Past work

2015 - 2019

Designer + owner

Perceptive Interactive

I used to run a two-person design shop in Croatia until I moved to the Netherlands in 2019.

2008 - 2013

Web designer & developer


I designed and developed marketing websites of all shapes and sizes. I had the privilege of leading and working on projects for companies like Maistra Hospitality Group, Arena Hotels, Microsoft, and T-com.

2004 - 2015

Designer and frontend developer


Designed websites left and right, sometimes deep into the night.


2013 - 2014


Startup Inkubator Rijeka

Helped startups design better products by mentoring them about product design and the role of psychology in it.


2003 - 2010

Master of Psychology

University of Rijeka, Faculty of Arts & Humanities 🇭🇷

Learned to conduct research and analyze people data. For my graduation thesis, I designed and conducted an online experiment that examined the effectiveness of commercials.

Up close & personal

About me
  • I prefer to think things through instead of moving fast and breaking things.
  • Working on stuff I've never done gets me excited. I love to figure things out as I go.
  • When picking a path, I tend to go for the one less traveled.
  • I ❤️ remote work.
  • Croatia native, I now live in the Netherlands with my family.
Here to help
  • I design products people don't struggle with.
  • Comfortable providing an outside perspective as a consultant or working from the inside as an employee.
  • Seeking to understand the broad context of product development (business goals, customer needs, and technical constraints) and focus on finding balance and harmony.
  • I code my designs to HTML & CSS and use JavaScript, PHP & SQL to spin up detailed product prototypes.
  • I used to run A/B tests back in the day when I was working on websites.
  • I've constructed questionnaires, conducted quantitative research, analyzed data, and almost went down the route of academic research.